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A D&D Musical One-Shot

Music by Lucy O'Brien

Book and Lyrics by Alex Higgin-Houser

Roll for initiative! In a basement in the middle of the country, four friends and one mysterious newcomer join forces to play an epic game of Dungeons and Dragons. Adventurers! brings us inside the game as the party sets off on a quest for revenge, musically bringing to life the spells, creatures, and thrilling encounters of the most popular role-playing game of all time.
Adventurers represents a first in musical theatrical form: fate plays a major role in every performance, as live dice-rolls determine the course of events. 

Casting: 3M/1F/1NB


Photo: Alex Higgin-Houser


At present, Lucy and I are seeking additional workshop opportunities for Adventurers!, rather than licensed performances. Feel free to inquire above!


2024    Whitman College developmental workshop

2020    Chicago Musical Theatre Festival workshop performance

2020    Draft completed during weeklong Goodspeed residency


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